The primary objective of the STAR cluster is to facilitate and support various activities initiated by the members. The cluster organizes regular calls (typically 2-3 per year), where all researchers in Stochastics are invited to submit applications for financial support of national or international workshops, seminars, thematic days, or even months, as well as for the support of international visitors. The application process is deliberately designed to be straightforward, with a low threshold and accessible to researchers in all stages of their career. Decisions on the acceptance of proposals are taken by the scientific committee of the cluster. The total expenditure is on average 80 thousand euro per year.

Funding round, Winter 2020

STAR will be supporting the following workshops/seminars


  1. Gianmarco Bet visit to TUE and VU
  2. Eni Musta visit to TUD and RU
  3. Giovanni Confort visit to TUe and UT



Funding Round, Summer 2021

STAR will be supporting the following conferences/workshops



Upcoming events

  • There are currently no new events planned. Check back again soon!